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On the Twelveth Day of Christmas…

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Well the last day has arrived all the gifts have been opened dinner is baking and the kids are all playing in the boxes there gifts came in and not the presents in them:-) lol

Todays gift was given to all by… Oh hey me:-) lol
I made altered clipboards for everyone – they were really easy to make I bought everything to make them at the dollar store, then I tore stippled different colors on pages torn from a books I was altering tore the pages in strips and glued them on the clip board – I photo copied the the postage stamps. after everything was glued and dry I used gel gloss medium over the top of the clipboards then I used E6000 to glue the clips to the boards. Simple but cute:-)

I’m looking forward to hosting this swap again – Thank you to everyone who participated in this swap I had a fun time and I enjoyed all the gifts that were made! Have a Very Merry Rest of Christmas Day and Have a wonderful New Years Drive carefully if your on the roads!


Day 11 ABC Altered Book Club

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Today is the Day 11 and the final day for ABC Altered Book Club – both of todays gifts are given to us by JJ McElroy – from group 1 she altered a spiral notebook I just loved the penguin, he is adorable!

For group 2 JJ made us a Christmas ornament using a matchbox – It is so cute JJ and what a wonderful idea I will have to remember this for next year:-) Thank you!! mine is on my tree.I had a really fun time hosting this swap ladies I do hope you will join in again next year! All the gifts so creative! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Until next year!

What did you get?

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Just thought I’d share a few of my goodies:-) Dh bought me a Tinker Bell fleece blanket, Eyore slippers, a Christmas Bear and a Tinker Bell steering wheel cover – he really just wanted to get rid of the glow in the dark pink one I already have on my steering wheel:-) lol

Salia and Me

These were the gifts I had under the tree – but my two big gifts were a new Sew and Serge sewing machine from my mother and in early fall my dh bought me a new laptop:-)

I really had a great Christmas – Hope everyone else enjoys theirs and for those of you on the road drive safely and buckle up!


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Here Comes Santa Clause,
Here Comes Santa Clause,
Right down Santa Clause Lane…

Every year our friends Kathy and Freddy Have a Christmas Party and Santa Comes – What makes this party fun is that the Santa that we have has watched most of our kids grow up, Mr. Maize has been our Santa for 13 years now. It has kept the illusion of Santa alive and well in our children for many years past the usually age of reality:-)

Until lasat year Mr. Maize was a substitute teacher in the Montgomery County so he was privy to lots of good gossip about his children that would make there eyes go wide when they were sitting on his lap:-) lol

Here are just a few pictures of my daughter (Salia) my husband (Mike) and myslef sitting on Santa’s lap – my dd wanted one of me and I thought the one of my dh sitting on his lap would make a really nice gift for my mil:-)

Salia and Santa

Mike and Santa

Santa and Me

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas our friend Sue Shute gave to us a very pretty sticky note pad holder – This is very cool Sue I love how you made it – I have a friend who is Stampin’ Up demonstrator and she liked it so much she kept my second one so that she could copy it for a make-n-take for a party:-) Thank You Sue I love mine. The snowman stamp is adorable.

Day 10 ABC Altered Book Club

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On the tenth day of Christmas Carol Baker and Becky Perterson gave to us…

Day 10 – Group 1 – Carol made us a very pretty Christmas wall hanging. Carol the background paper is pretty thank your for such a beautiful gift – it will be treasured for years to come.

Day 10 – Group 2 is from Becky Perterson (volunteer from Tennessee Stampers) she made us a beautiful Christmas book/scrapbook to go with our wall hanging – There are spots were can add small pictures of Christmas memories. Thank you Becky

Day 9 ABC Altered Book Club

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas our friends Halle Gustafson and Sharon Bonnett gave to us…

Group 1 – Day 9 Halle’s gift to us is a beautifully altered CD that can be used as a wall hanging or a Christmas ornament.
A friend is someone who listens with the heart
Day 9 – Group 2 is from Sharon Bonnett (volunteer from Tennessee Stampers) I should have used one of the recipies earlier today when the grandkids were here – 4 kids in one small room makes for a very interesting day:-) lol – Sharon’s gift to us is 4 recipies for some party drinks:-) Thank you Sharon I really will keep this handy – I haven’t tried a Cosmopolitan before – but it sure sounds good will have to try it.