Day 2 Puzzle Art Plus

Posted: December 15, 2007 in Uncategorized

In my ABC groups we ended up one day short so you will notice that my Puzzle Art Plus group will be a day ahead of the rest.

Day 2’s gift was made by me Theresa Pillow – it is a large altered puzzle piece that can be used by the recipiant however they choose to display it. The background of these puzzles is my own handmade paper (see April 21, 2007 Elizabeth’s Teaching at Work!), I was taught how to make this HMP by Elizabeth Kertz – Head Honcho at ABC Altered Book Club. I’m not positive, but if you check out her blog she may have a ‘how to’ on making HMP – I’m sorry I don’t at this time.

The photo image and Labeled words (Merry Christmas and Joy) came from the 2006 Christmas Coundown sponsered by Lisa Vollrath of Ten Two Studios– check out this years Christmas Countdown.


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