Credit Where Credit is due

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

I may be hosting three groups of this swap but I do want to everyone to know that I stole this idea from Holly Vlajinac from Yahoo groups Art E-Zine Cafe – Holly is also hosting 3 groups as well and so I want to share The Artful Christmas Swap blog with everyone so that you can see all the beautifully done art work that these ladies made – If your curious as to which one are mine I am in group 2 of this swap – scroll down and you can also see how these gifts were beautifully and creatively wrapped. Most of you may be familar with Art E-Zine vintage resousces, a website with lots and lots of beautiful and unique ephemera, if not go check it out bookmark the site for future use and if you are well go check it out again – You WILL always find something you didn’t see the last time you were there. So just a small thank you to Holly who gave me the great idea to host this swap, even with the few minor porblems getting to the end I will do this again next year.


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