Day 3 ABC Altered Book Club

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

Group 1’s Third Day of Christmas from Theresa Pillow – This plaque was made from a $Tree coaster the background is my own HMP (see Saturday April 21, 2007 – Elizabeth’s teaching at work) The image is from The 2006 Christmas Countdown sponsered by Lisa Vollrath from Ten Two Studios and Go Make Something

Group 2’s Third Day of Christmas is from Kayla Fujimoto – Kayla gave us each a beautiful domion pin. Here are two images and I hope that each girl from group two will take a picture and e-mail it to me I would love to post the images from all the pins that Kayla made – she also gave us each a beautiful Christmas Prayer.
I pray that you will always see
God’s gifts upon your Christmas tree.
You cannot touch them with your hands,
Still they are there at your command.
They’re uoy and faith and hope renewed
with laughter for a happy mood,
and gratitude for each new day,
with time to think and time to play.
May God give to you in this New Year —
Grace to make your pathway clear,
and grant that you will always see–
God’s Gift upon your Christmas tree.
Please ladies in group 2 – if your pins are differnt then the two above and you have a camera please send me pictures of you pins I would love to show off all of Kayla’s pins. Kayla they are beautiful pins I hope you’ll share via the comments how you made them.

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