4th Day of Christmas ABC Altered Book Club

Posted: December 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Sorry ladies I guess I got bit behind. I read JJ’s e-mail talking about Sarah’s gift and I was thinking she opened it ahead of time and come to find out it was me who was behind:-( I am really sorry.

Day 4 Group 1 is from Sarah Whitmire – she made us a very pretty wall hanging – I really love it and I think after Christmas I’ll be using it as a tip-in in a misc. AB. Thank You Sarah it is lovely!

Day 4 – Group 2 is a really pretty note pad holder – It has a place at the top for a mini pen and velcro holds it together I already have mine next to my computer. Now for confession I lost my list that told me who’s gifts to open on what days and if it wasn’t for taking pictures of all the gifts in order I wouldn’t even have the right order of the gifts – I am forever the absent minded artist:-( So if someone from these swaps would e-mail the correct names for each gift from the 4th day on in each group I would appreciate some of these gifts have names on it but some don’t. So know that I am not trying to slight you I just don’t remember whos gift this one is.

Bless JJ she just e-mail me Jeanene Tillery is the artist who made this really cool note pad holder. Mine being used right now for a grocery list:-)


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