Day 6 Puzzle Art Plus

Posted: December 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

On the sixth day of Christmas our dear friend Kathy Burns gave to us… The coolest looking necklace to commerate puzzle art plus:-) These necklaces were wrapped in mini felt mittens, the mittens them selves were a cute gift! I actually know how these were made – she used to slides or glass and placed the puzzle between them and then she sottered them together – I have a freind who went out the very day I received Kathy’s package and bought everything she needs to make necklaces like this I am going to have go to her house and play.

Kathy I LOVE my necklace and my daughter did too – she is actually wearing it – I am glad I had two spots in this swap or my daughter may have stolen mine:-) lol – I have already worn mine twice I have a nice outfit that I usually only get to wear once or twice a year and this necklace with the copper color goes PERFECTLY with it.

  1. This is SO original. I am truly impressed with this artist.ElizabethWichita, KS

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