On The Eighth Day of Christmas…

Posted: December 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Our friend Dale gave to us – Clothes pins – No not the kind you hang clothes with:-) lol She made us these beautiful large altered clothes pins that we can keep by our desk or where ever we would like and attach an important note to it or maybe use it as a picture holder – the possibilites are endless – Thank You Dale they are lovely – I gave my second one to my friend Boo she really liked it and decided that an already altered one was probably better as she is afraid her muse may never return -who know maybe your clothes pin will help her muse find her way home:-)Those of you who really know me won’t be the least bit surprised to see that I will be using mine to showcase my beloved four legged furball – for those of you who don’t know, but for the life of me I can’t think of who you might be because I think I have and show off more pictures of him then I ever did my kids:-) lol – This is Kit-Kat – Dale you don’t know what a privelage this is, I don’t show off my little baby just anywhere it has to be the best:-) Ok well he may not be that spoiled but he is darn close to it – Kit-Kat is my gift from God – I am allergic to cats and I tell my Allergist that I am not allergic to him, he tells me that isn’t possible, but I had him long before I ever started with the allergy shots and I never once had an allergic reaction of any kind to Kit-Kat I tell my Dr. that when he was born God decided that this little ball of fur was going to belong to me, because when we went to get him, he chose us right away crawled up in my lap and started purring the friend we got him from said he was never with anyone else, so I will always believe that he was a gift from God.

Ok now that I got way off on tangent – how did I get started on that?? Oh yes I was going to show you all what I did with my Clothes pin. This is my ball of fur in a box that is way to small for him, but like he cares – he LOVES boxes.

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