On The Seventh Day of Christmas (ABC Altered Book Club)

Posted: December 21, 2007 in Uncategorized

Day 7 has arrived well a bit early but I have to spend the day at my sewing machine tomorrow making a robe for grandaughter for Christmas, I forgot all about it then remembered they’d be here Sunday and I got to thinking oh $#@& I haven’t even started her robe yet – Yes I am the Absent Minded Sally:-) lol

So Our first gift is from Zoe Payne she made us an altered notebook – guess now we can all get a head start on our Christmas gift list for next year – keep it close at hand and everytime you think of who or what you need to buy – you can make yourselves a not – just don’t loose the book – that is something I would do and your not allowed to steal my ideas:-) lol – Well if I lost the book Christmas would have to be cancelled RIGHT??? Just think of all the money I could save next year:-) lol Ok I’m getting corny again – I’ll finish up and stop making you all groan with my drab sence of humor:)

Day 7 – Group 1 from Zoe Payne

Day 7 Group 2 is from JoAnn White

She made us a scrapbook to put all of our Christmas memories in:-) all the work is done for us all we have to do is add the pictures and maybe a few who, what, when and wheres:-) lol – She also gave us a few embellishments to add if we’d like. Thank You JoAnn it is very pretty!


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