Posted: December 25, 2007 in Uncategorized
Here Comes Santa Clause,
Here Comes Santa Clause,
Right down Santa Clause Lane…

Every year our friends Kathy and Freddy Have a Christmas Party and Santa Comes – What makes this party fun is that the Santa that we have has watched most of our kids grow up, Mr. Maize has been our Santa for 13 years now. It has kept the illusion of Santa alive and well in our children for many years past the usually age of reality:-)

Until lasat year Mr. Maize was a substitute teacher in the Montgomery County so he was privy to lots of good gossip about his children that would make there eyes go wide when they were sitting on his lap:-) lol

Here are just a few pictures of my daughter (Salia) my husband (Mike) and myslef sitting on Santa’s lap – my dd wanted one of me and I thought the one of my dh sitting on his lap would make a really nice gift for my mil:-)

Salia and Santa

Mike and Santa

Santa and Me


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