A week at Elizabeth’s

Posted: January 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

I was going to post pictues of my week at Elizabeth’s but decided that since both Elizabeth and Kathy both took and posted pictures on their blog’s it seemed so much easier just to post their sites and you can go see and read all about my week at E’s and our day on the town with Kathy and Dana – Dana lives in Wichita not far from E and Kathy drove in from Hutchison for a day of shopping and lunch or as my husband would say a day of spending his money:-) lol

So first go to Elizabeth’s site Altered Book Lover and scroll down to Saturday January 12. 2008 A Week of Art: and start reading about our week and let me tell you Elizabeth should have been a writer because she has a way of making a a rather dull week sound like a wonderful novel, now don’t get me wrong I had a GREAT week spending it with E, we had a great time creating art and just spending time together, but hey will everyone find our week as much fun as we did?? So anyway if that dosen’t bore you – lol – then head on over to Kat’s Kuriosities and see the pictures she has posted of Dana, Elizabeth and myslef and let me tell you the pictures of Elizabeth are rare ones she hates having her picture taken let me tell you – I thought I had trouble taking pics of my dd, E could give her lessons on avoiding the camera and she already does it really well:-) lol – While your at Kat’s Kuriosities – don’t forget to take a look at the pictures of her childs ironing board that she altered, the pictues don’t do it justice but they do enough to make you drool she did such a wonderful job on it – we’ve tried talking her into sending it into a magazine, so who knows maybe someday you’ll see this gracing the pages of an altered magazine and you can say Hey I know who did that:-) lol


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