My Birthday

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well on Monday Juley 28 I turn 39 – WOW I feel so old:-) lol

I wanted to share with you 2 gifts I got from a friend she made me a beautiful handmade rope bracelet of blue and green beads and a 4×4 canvas with a handmade beaded butterfly – I feel so special to have recevied such a beautiful gift – yes I know I keep saying gift I know I received 2 but I’m biased I LOVE MY BRACELET THE BEST:-) I will wear it as often as I can.

These are my two gifts from Halle.

My canvas will hang on the wall in my art room so that I can see it everday – in hopes that on those days that my muse is missing it will inspire me:-) lol

A while back my dad came to visit me he lives in Wichita which is where my friend Elizabeth lives and she had some things she wanted to send to me so my dad being the most wonderful dad (yes I know I am biased there to but it is true no one could have asked for a better one) he stopped by E’s house on the way here to pick up the things she wanted to send my way along with everything she sent me an early birthday gift gotta take advantage of free shipping no matter in what guise:-) lol She made me a collage canvas of blue’s it is the color of my living room I showed it off before but I didn’t want her to feel slighted when I started sharing my gifts so please click here to go see my birthday gift from E and how I displayed it — I had it on my wall in my living room before my dad even had his truck unloaded that evening:-)

Stay tuned for more of my birthday saga to unfold:-) lol

  1. Thanks for not excluding me, T.I hope your birthday was a happy one.E

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