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My blog has been sitting for a few years unused, I had ventured off into other things. My art room stood abandoned for pretty close to two years until I realized how to combine the two loves of my life reading/reviewing and art. I recently transferred my blog over to Word Press and gave it a slightly new name An Altered Addiction, I’ve back into the swing of things for sometime now working in art journals and doing some mail art. Recently I sent some mail art to a new magazine Featuring: Art Journaling, Mixed Media and More they were wanting some for an article in issue #4 – I really didn’t expect anything to come of it but it did. I was contacted a month ago, they didn’t choose my mail art for a inside the magazine which was a bit of a let down but out of the hundreds and hundreds of pieces they liked mine enough to want to shrink it down to an inchie for the back cover of their magazine. This is my first time having any of my art published. So I’m understandably excited. Even if it is only an inchie on the backcover πŸ™‚

I won’t have the magazine for another week or two but the website shows the inchies on their website. Mine is the on the last row second inchie.

Inchies-Issue-4click on the whole image to view larger or view on their website HERE

All artists left to right: – Mary Hutchinson Hicks – Sherrie Roberts – Afke Boonstra – Elisa Choi – Jo Murray – Eni Ilis – Carlo Maria Giudici –Β  Laura Rumble – Taidgh Lynch – DΓ³rian Ribas Marinho – Jez Eden Sherry Morales – Luc Fierens – DΓ³rian Ribas Marinho – Gabriela Benjamin – Gabriela Benjamin – Jaromir Svozilik – Mr. Colori – Schoko Casana Rosso – Ruud Janssen – Carla Cryptic – Theresa Pillow – Alexa Noble – Joanna Bennett


First stop back cover next stop inside the magazine πŸ™‚

  1. Hi! Congrats on your first publication! I heard of Featuring, and I think the inchies are a clever way to use the back cover. Hope to snag the issues sometime this year. I don’t buy magazines that often anymore, but they seem pretty unique.

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