Summer of Color: Week One

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I decided I’d join in on the fun of Summer of Color 2014.Click HERE to learn more and maybe join in the fun.


Week One: 

Aqua Blue & Yellow
With a Smudge, Splash or Pop of Hot Pink
2014-06-13 17.26.18_resized 20140613_172411_resized
I used my Gelli Plate (which was a birthday gift last year from my best friend Boo, she’s the best of the best and not just because she gave me a gelli plate that was just the icing on the cake.) to color the tags, I tried hard to mix the colors as best  could, but no matter how hard you try not to mix the colors, there is one undeniable fact… Yellow and Blue Make Green 😉 lol
I used the gelli plate and colored three pieces of book  paper with the three different colors and then cut a bunch of hexagon shapes, added umbrella man, my favorite Tim Holtz creation you can use him for so very much. I colored some white fiber in the three colors as well.
I had fun and can’t wait to see what next weeks colors are going to be.
  1. Terri Creasy says:

    Love your tags, colors are perfect.

  2. Pam Robinson says:

    Theresa, these tags are wonderful. The addition of the fibers were the perfect touch. Hugs, Pamikins

  3. Mariane says:

    Amazing, and they are bookmarks – wow – Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Absolutely wonderful! I just love the way you used your gelli prints here! You used the SOC colors beautifully!!!!!

  5. ebookaddict says:

    thank you ladies 🙂

  6. cazhugs says:

    This is a lovely quote 🙂

  7. I can’t believe I found you again after all these years. Not sure where you’ve been hiding, but I hope you won’t be a stranger. Yep, blue and yellow make green, but you did a fantastic job with these colors and your tags.

    I see you got a gelli plate. I asked EVERYBODY for one for three years, and when I never got one, I finally gave up and let Bleubeard buy me one. OK, not really, but I tell people he gave it to me for Christmas. Not had much time to play with mine, but I see you have with yours.

    I’m glad you joined SOC, because I’ve always loved your art.

    • ebookaddict says:

      Hey E,

      I sent you an e-mail it is from ebookreader69, semi sort of catching you up……. I am sorry Bluebeard had to save his money on a gelli plate for you, but I am sure he was thrilled to do so, he has always had a giving heart for his human 🙂 Mine was a gift from my friend Boo for my birthday last year I was all squeally when I opened it, I was going to get the small 6 x 6 one but she surprised me. She gave it to me early I think she was afraid I would order one before the one she ordered got in. I have finally gotten it all tinted blue which means it has been well used.

  8. Elephangaroo says:

    Fantabulous tags! So much fun!

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