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Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have been having so much fun playing with tags these last few days, and when I seen a post using the pocket stencils from Artistcellar that were just so beautiful I had to make some of my own. Click HERE for the post from Artistcellar. I LOVE these stencils, I hope they make some more word stencils

AC Believe Seek Trust AC Faith Hope Seek AC Grace trust hope AC Hope AC Seek Hope Grace AC Trust Grace Seek

 Here is a close-up to see the texture

(I  used drywall joint compound it is much cheaper then molding paste)

AC close-up

  1. You really DO like to make tags, don’t you? I really like them (YOURS that is), although I still don’t understand the fascination. Of course, I don’t see the fascination of scrapbooking, either, so I’m probably not the best person to leave comments (grin). Yours are lovely, and I’ll have to get out my joint compound as soon as I get some stencils that are worthwhile.

    Just saw your T question. Yep, I’m slow. The story is, there used to be a different host and we called it Tea Tuesday. The host just quit one day. Didn’t say a word, didn’t let anyone know, or anything. Several of us kept doing a TEA post on Tuesday. Divers and Sundry suggested we organize it, so I contacted Patty, who had also posted each Tuesday and I said I would host, but we had to come up with a different name, because I didn’t want to irritate the previous host. So Patty and I agreed on T Stands for Tuesday. We’re coming up on a year of me hosting, so by now, most people know what it’s about. You show a drink, or some art that has cups, teapots, etc. Or you do something that shows a teapot or teacup, or any kind of a drink. That’s about it. I usually drink coffee, or stick a cup and saucer in the photo. It’s just a way for a bunch of us to get together each Tuesday and see what we can come up with. Sometimes, it’s a way for me to unload some photos I wouldn’t have room for on other days.

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