My work desk at its finest…

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

studio tabel SA

So Seth Apter wanted us to show off our work areas at their finest… And he doesn’t mean clean and shiny. I just knew this was something I had to participate in. I have a moto stolen from a Tim Holtz stamp. ‘One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting new discoveries.’ Trust me when I say this stamp must have been created with me in mind.

I got in on this a bit late, but to learn more check out Seth Apter’s Blog HERE

Do to health reasons I had to move my work area upstairs so for the moment it is actually fairly neat, but I have a picture of my work area from my downstairs studio and damn I really do miss my art studio, it was big and it was perfect,  but walking up and down the stairs a couple dozen times a day just isn’t in the cards anymore 😦

This was taken about a year ago, just before I had to move upstairs to the kitchen table

(I had a picture of the table, but sadly I guess I deleted it from my phone)

works desk

I am now in one of our spare rooms and have only been in here a little over a month my desk is smaller, the room is smaller and I just haven’t had the chance to really make it ‘mine’ I know my husband is dreading that because he knows when that happens I’ll want to paint the walls some crazy color. But to fair, I thought I’d show you what my desk looks like right this very minute, not as messy as I normally is, but you can’t mistake the fact I do work in here.

work desk 9-14

Thanks Seth for giving me a reason to show off my messy space, I am never ashamed that my art room looks well played in.

From here on is the rest of my room you don’t have to continue if you don’t want to.



Ok so I couldn’t leave this post as is… so I decided to come back and share the whole area since it is a new area I wanted to show it off, soem of my friends haven’t seen my new space yet. It isn’t much but is mine. So working my around the room from the my work desk.

work area 1I recently lost my mom, and when she passed I took over her room as my studio, the knick-knacks on the shelves were hers, I kept them in here as a way of keeping a bit of her with me. You’ll notice the black sheets on the wall, they are magnet sheets, I got the idea from… I think it was either One Lucky Day or Marjie Kemper… I don’t have a lot of thinlette die cuts so I tacked these sheets to the wall and stuck my diecuts on them, that way I always have them close at hand. you see that white platform in the corner there… That the magnetic platform it is so strong it stays on the magnetic sheet, at least this way I never lose it.

work area 7

forgive the shoes I knew I kicked them off somewhere…. and hey that is my mini xyron I’ve been looking for. The kitten in the corner is my Lucky Charms.

works area 3I had to show the cat area, I bought this just so the cats had their own area in my room, and they do spend most of the day in here at least when I’m in here. Lucky Charms on the pedestal and Minnie Mouse (my daughters cat) at the scratching post.

work area 15Looking Up

work area 4Like my friend Elizabeth said these over the door shoe bags are awesome for storing stuff.

work area 12I bought this awesome set of make-up bags at a garage sale for $1 for three of them and the large one has storage on the back side as well, as you can see I have them well stuffed full. work area 17

My computer desk, it was moms desk I kept it, to nice for a craft desk so I have my computer at it and as you can see even this area is area 16

some of my friends might notice their postcards stuck to my bulletin board

work area 10

works area 2FrootLoop has become my little shadow where ever I am she is almost always only a few feet away.

work area 14Looking Down

work area 9And we come around 360 – see that cute puppy on top of the that was my moms favorite dog, every time she went to the hospital we would take him to her, because he was the perfect size for snuggling, and he wouldn’t get lost. He had to stay in the room for sure.

So that is my new work area, I figure one of these days I will at least pain the trim, before this was moms room it was our oldest sons room and he was a UT fan, thus the orange trim…. I feel kind of bad we never painted it for mom, but once she moved in there wasn’t any room to paint.

Thanks for stopping by

  1. FrootLoop and LuckyCharm? Had to laugh at that. What got me was you failed to mention your novel way of storing your many, many, many rubber stamps, even after you went to all that trouble of removing so many of them from their wooden backs. I’ve always been impressed that you use CD cases and stamp each one before sticking it in the case.

    Glad to see you joined in and it’s good to see your new art space. It’s SO you.

    • ebookaddict says:

      I LOVE my CD holder, it was goodwill find only paid $5 for it, actually spent more on the lazy susan we mounted it on, the bearings in the turner were broken. CD’s are heavy and stamps even more so. I took the bottom off mounted it onto the heavy duty lazy susan we bought and I was good to go 🙂 For the clear cling mounts I use clear DVD cases

  2. Forgot to ask. Is that a rocking horse on the bookcase behind your chair?

    • ebookaddict says:

      No, it was a horse my grandfather carved from a block of wood, I actually need to put it back in the kitchen on top of the shrunk. I had to move some things into my room for safe keeping when we laid down the new kitchen floor.

  3. boogmartin says:

    T, your room is looking great. You’ve done a lot of work since I was there. I’m glad you left some of your moms things in there. I think she’d love it that you’re in there doing art

  4. So many goodies to play with and I love that you have some of your mom’s items to keep you company while you work.

  5. sharondoug says:

    A great creative space!

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