The Words In My Life…

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Journal Pages

I’ve been a bit out of it again, I seem to switch from being into my art and then either sleeping all day or reading, sleeping all day often wins out. I can only tell you depression sucks, I’m not sure if it is a good thing I recognize it for what it is or not but… It is what is.

I spent five days working on this journal page three of those days cutting words from magazines – the idea came from a journal page I seen on on the internet crack site (AKA Pinterest) I only seen the page quickly because as soon as I glimpsed it the idea for my journal page came into my mind and I wanted it to be as much mine as it could be. I am happy with the end result and you’ll see my own handwriting in this one, I REALLY hate my own handwriting, but I’ve been trying to put a bit more of it in my journals… ONLY A BIT 😉

The words in my life Full

The words in my life pg 1

The words in my life pg 2

  1. These words really ARE you. Although I don’t think of you as average.

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