Posted: November 8, 2014 in Dina Wakley

I have been in love with Dina Wakely’s bird stamps for quite a bit now, kept telling myself no, no, no… Well as you can see I did not listen to myself.

I don’t know what it is about these birds that just scream to be played with. And I have had so much fun doing just that… I want to make it known that playing with these birds would not have been possible if not for my friend Janine from Alleystamp on etsy, she has been quite the enabler lately… And she does it so well, as the Dina Wakely quote stamps were also purchased from her as well 😉 So I dedicate these tags to her.

I foresee lots of art using these little beauties. And I’m waiting for a knock on my door from a certain friend who is going to try and take custody of them as well 😉

DW Bird tags 1 DW Bird tags 2 DW Bird tags 3 DW Bird tags 4

  1. I’ve seen lots of my British friends using these birds. They look like they would be fun to have. You made some lovely tags. I can visualize them in Christmas decorations, too.

  2. well of course you dedicated them to me – they ARE purple! I love them. Love the way they look on tags. I have got to make some myself.

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