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Posted: January 29, 2015 in Journal Pages

flowers (1)

I’m going through a flowers phase at the moment, so here are some more.

flowers (2) flowers (3) flowers (4)


Tuesday Creative Quote

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Tuesday Creative Quote

“She couldn’t keep her colors inside the lines. So she drew new lines.”


Life is art…

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Dina Wakley, Journal Pages, Mixed Media

Life is art full

In keeping with my goal to try and do some form of art everyday, I worked on this last night I just wanted to play with paint, it was as simple as that… I’m pretty sure the general basis of it is a lesson in one of Dina Wakley’s book, I’m sure I seen it on the internet crack site (aka Pinterest)

The background: gessoed first, then I used one of my catalyst brushes (that I got at Hobby Lobby for .95 cents – really glad I talked hubby into going to HL that day) to spread the blue, I added a bit more gesso on top of the blue to tone it down just a bit after that I traced the flowers out with a pencil but didn’t like how that looked so I covered the marks up with paint and just had fun from there. all in all I think I spent about an hour on this page, one of the quickest journal pages I’ve ever done and it was kind of liberating to just throw paint on the page and have fun.

Life is art c

Life is Art b

Life is art a

A bit of purple fun!

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A Tinker Bell kind of Saturday

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Journal Pages

Tinker Bell full

I started the background for this journal page months ago, and had been using it for left over paint from other projects until I finally had something that sparked my muse… The background just seemed perfect for Tinker Bell so I dug out my napkins started tearing and gluing.

Tinker Bell side ATinker Bell B

Tinker Bell close upto make Tink a bit darker I used two napkins by gluing one down and then laying a second over the top. her wings I used the second layer of the napkin three layers there, still the wings weren’t dark enough I wanted them to look almost see through like but they blended to well into the background so I dug out my pan pastel Titanium White with a hint of Payne Grey. I like how they are you can see them but they don’t stand out, perfect fairly!

Tinker Bell flower cua close up of the flowers, the others are from a set of Tinker Bell stickers I had purchased years back for something or other, figured this was a good way to use them.

Tinker Bell texture BTinker Bell texture Aclose up of the background and the texture I really love it.

Tinker BellSince I know someone is going to ask, *blushes* the base of the background was the wrappers from poise pads, I just knew they would make an awesome textured background… I look at everything and ask ‘how can I use that in my art?’ It may have waited months and had loads of paint smooshed on it wiped away and more smooshed on but in the end I had the perfect background.

Have a great weekend fellow artists!!

1-21-15 full

This week was a tough one for me, I often struggle with collage. It is hard for me to just put things on a page with no particular rhyme or reason. For the most part I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out and since Donna did hers without using Teal, I figured that I should do mine without using any purple.

I used scraps of things that were on my desk and some of my 7 Gypsies tissue paper I have been hoarding like a greedy little kid with candy. the definitions are from a pack of Heidi Swapp stickers I think I bought sometime last year.

1-21-15 A

1-21-15 B

1-21-15 Creative1-21-15 Unique


Tuesday Creative Quote

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“Try to be a rainbow in someones cloud.”

~Maya Angelou