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Out with the old in with the new welcome 2015 may it be even better then 2014

My New Years Resolution…. BUY LESS SUPPLIES AND DO MORE ART and READ MORE BOOKS… I’m hoping for at least 2 out of 3

Happy New Year from Mike and myself and our furry little menagerie in Tennessee…




Lucky Charms says Hi!

New Years (2)


This is our Grand Kitty Minnie Mouse

New Years (3)


This is my little FrootLoop

New Years (4)

New Years (5)This is what happens when I open the window in my art room

New Years (6)


More of our Lucky because he is just so photogenic


New Years (7)


I just love this picture of my Lucky Little Ducky, it is one of my favorites



August 31 2014 me2


On Septemper 24th we had to say good-bye to our Kit-Kat,

I hope he knows how much we loved and still love and miss him,

not a day goes by I don’t think of him


New Years 1

  1. I swear, you and Mike haven’t changed a bit. Sorry to read about Kit Kat. That saddens me. But it looks like you have a full house, none-the-less.

    Happy New Year, dear friend.

  2. mamaboo7907 says:

    Happy New Year my friend!! In just under two months, your house will be a little fuller for a few days. I can’t wait. Much love and hugs!


  3. Halle G says:

    Nice pictures! Happy New Year!!

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