Inspiration Wednesday Journal

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Inspiration Wednesday

I joined Donna Downey ‘ Inspiration Wednesday’s. I realized that in 2013 I did more art inspired by her Wednesday video’s while most often completely different in the end, it started by something she sparked in my muse. While I would have preferred to keep IW free, my realistic side realizes the time consuming process involved in her videos and in the long run $35 isn’t really that much for some inspiration and she has never failed to make me laugh…

I’ll let you know if I think the same at the end of the year. Anyway I made my own journal… I have many started and could have worked in one or all of them, I wanted a journal dedicated to Inspiration Wednesday’s so I made my own. It is made from material as I love the rulers. My goal this year is to buy less and do more art, my secondary goal as far as art is to have every page in this journal finished

The journal pages are Canson XL 300lb paper. Three signatures with four pages and some inclusions. I used my bone folder and iron to completely flatten each page it is still thick, but subtracting the number of pages in the signature and adding an extra signature, my other journals I was trying for more pages and it became to thick and I ended up with some wasted pages because the book was just to thick, so I like how this one turned out better then the others I’ve made. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed  when I hit the end.

Have a good week. I’ll be back on Wednesday with my first page 🙂





  1. Wow, you can come make covers for my art journals. Yours is fantastic.

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