Posted: January 14, 2015 in General Fun, Inspiration Wednesday

Two pieces of art using modeling paste and stencils (technique used in Inspiration Wednesday)



This one is 95% scraplifted I claim the 5% for colors and such 😉 This one is going on my wall.

today I will sing, today I will dance in the rain

dance in the rain

This one didn’t turn out quite the way I would have liked, but practice makes perfect.


  1. boogmartin says:

    Wow, they are both really great. Are the words a stencil??

  2. RoseDunn says:

    Awesome Theresa – nice to see that you are experimenting with new techniques – always fun, challenging and super exciting when you are pleased with the end result. Love the second one especially. Rose Dunn (M3)

  3. Isn’t it amazing that the piece you aren’t happy with is the one I like best. It is awesome, from the colors to energy, to the movement. I LOVE IT.

  4. ebookaddict says:

    E, you always did like the pieces of my art I didn’t 😉 lol

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