A Tinker Bell kind of Saturday

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Journal Pages

Tinker Bell full

I started the background for this journal page months ago, and had been using it for left over paint from other projects until I finally had something that sparked my muse… The background just seemed perfect for Tinker Bell so I dug out my napkins started tearing and gluing.

Tinker Bell side ATinker Bell B

Tinker Bell close upto make Tink a bit darker I used two napkins by gluing one down and then laying a second over the top. her wings I used the second layer of the napkin three layers there, still the wings weren’t dark enough I wanted them to look almost see through like but they blended to well into the background so I dug out my pan pastel Titanium White with a hint of Payne Grey. I like how they are you can see them but they don’t stand out, perfect fairly!

Tinker Bell flower cua close up of the flowers, the others are from a set of Tinker Bell stickers I had purchased years back for something or other, figured this was a good way to use them.

Tinker Bell texture BTinker Bell texture Aclose up of the background and the texture I really love it.

Tinker BellSince I know someone is going to ask, *blushes* the base of the background was the wrappers from poise pads, I just knew they would make an awesome textured background… I look at everything and ask ‘how can I use that in my art?’ It may have waited months and had loads of paint smooshed on it wiped away and more smooshed on but in the end I had the perfect background.

Have a great weekend fellow artists!!

  1. boogmartin says:

    Great page. Excellent texture

  2. Pamikins says:

    T, she is lovely and the background is just perfect. I think I sent you that Tinkerbelle napkin in one of my Happy Mails to you. Hugs, Pamikins

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