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Life is art…

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Dina Wakley, Journal Pages, Mixed Media

Life is art full

In keeping with my goal to try and do some form of art everyday, I worked on this last night I just wanted to play with paint, it was as simple as that… I’m pretty sure the general basis of it is a lesson in one of Dina Wakley’s book, I’m sure I seen it on the internet crack site (aka Pinterest)

The background: gessoed first, then I used one of my catalyst brushes (that I got at Hobby Lobby for .95 cents – really glad I talked hubby into going to HL that day) to spread the blue, I added a bit more gesso on top of the blue to tone it down just a bit after that I traced the flowers out with a pencil but didn’t like how that looked so I covered the marks up with paint and just had fun from there. all in all I think I spent about an hour on this page, one of the quickest journal pages I’ve ever done and it was kind of liberating to just throw paint on the page and have fun.

Life is art c

Life is Art b

Life is art a


More Birds

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Dina Wakley

I decided that the birds needed more playtime… I like the page just as it is, at first I thought it might need a quote or something, but the more I looked at it I thought it looked perfect now words needed.

DW Birds Journal Page

You can purchase the Dina Wakley birds and many other artful goodies at ALLEYSTAMP, the birds are out of stock at the moment but she should have more in stock sometime during the coming week. Don’t be shy about contacting her if you have any questions.


Posted: November 8, 2014 in Dina Wakley

I have been in love with Dina Wakely’s bird stamps for quite a bit now, kept telling myself no, no, no… Well as you can see I did not listen to myself.

I don’t know what it is about these birds that just scream to be played with. And I have had so much fun doing just that… I want to make it known that playing with these birds would not have been possible if not for my friend Janine from Alleystamp on etsy, she has been quite the enabler lately… And she does it so well, as the Dina Wakely quote stamps were also purchased from her as well 😉 So I dedicate these tags to her.

I foresee lots of art using these little beauties. And I’m waiting for a knock on my door from a certain friend who is going to try and take custody of them as well 😉

DW Bird tags 1 DW Bird tags 2 DW Bird tags 3 DW Bird tags 4