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Life is art…

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Dina Wakley, Journal Pages, Mixed Media

Life is art full

In keeping with my goal to try and do some form of art everyday, I worked on this last night I just wanted to play with paint, it was as simple as that… I’m pretty sure the general basis of it is a lesson in one of Dina Wakley’s book, I’m sure I seen it on the internet crack site (aka Pinterest)

The background: gessoed first, then I used one of my catalyst brushes (that I got at Hobby Lobby for .95 cents – really glad I talked hubby into going to HL that day) to spread the blue, I added a bit more gesso on top of the blue to tone it down just a bit after that I traced the flowers out with a pencil but didn’t like how that looked so I covered the marks up with paint and just had fun from there. all in all I think I spent about an hour on this page, one of the quickest journal pages I’ve ever done and it was kind of liberating to just throw paint on the page and have fun.

Life is art c

Life is Art b

Life is art a


Metallic Frame and Pebeo fun

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Mixed Media

A few months back Marjie Kemper’s Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge #7 reached out and grabbed me I found the perfect picture frame, grabbed up my metallic tape (I just love that stuff) borrowed all my friend Boo’s embossing folders and set about having fun.

I finished this frame weeks ago, actually I made two. I hadn’t decided what to do with them, both of them were just sitting there waiting for the inspiration of what to put into it. Well that day finally came. This past weekend Plaza Art had their annual Hands On Creativity weekend and I got to play with the new Pebeo paints using a mini gesso board sample as my canvas (I wish I could have made a larger one) But size aside (no comments from the peanut gallery) I started by just adding blobs of different colors on my canvas stirred it together added more color stirred some more until I was happy with my look, since we live in Clarksville and Plaza is in Nashville, I had to take it home with me instead of leaving it to dry and picking it up the next day so we dumped it on a paper plate and prayed the whole way  home, besides a  bit of drimpi9ng on the sides it made it home safely and in one piece.

Again I had another piece of art I wasn’t sure what to do with, until I looked up and seen the picture frame and being the genius that I am came up with an idea.

Here is the picture frame I made. You can find the details on how I made this on Marjie Kemper’s Blog HERE.

Pebeo Framed

Metalic Frame Flower

Metalic Frame Flower 2

Metalic Frame Close Up

This is what my art looked like before I stamped it. I could have done a design using the liner paint, but I have to tell you some of my favorite actually most of my favorite pieces of art are playful messes.

Pebeo canvas mini

After Adding on of my Favorite Tim Holtz stamps.

MEtalic Frame

I sprayed it with a clear coat, because I can’t use glass in the frame I wanted to protect it.

I used a flash on the first picture, that is the reason for the more vibrant bright color on the first picture.

For my fellow Recycle artists, the background isn’t metal tape, it is actually the inside of a Vick’s Puffs Kleenex box. I never throw them away, and this worked out perfect as I don’t have the lines from the tape. Think twice before you throw things away sometimes it makes the perfect piece of art later on.


Hope you enjoyed and maybe mine will inspire you as Marjie’s inspired me 🙂